About Us

What is Web Technology Codes.com?

Web Technology Codes works in creating websites in Magento from scratch, Creating Professional Design, Magento Customization’s and in selling Magento extensions. What ever type of website you want to develop for shopping in Magento or you want to purchase any extension for your website or you want to create any extension for your website, we will help you in that.

Why choose Web Technology Codes.com?

Why waste your precious time with other services when you can create an amazing website in just minutes?

We have already created so many extensions which will help you in developing your eCommerce sites very fast.

Plus, our in-house support team is here to help!

Our history

Web technology Codes.com was started up in 2012 by a group of guys who have worked in the IT company and providing the eCommerce solutions for there clients.They realized that there was one thing that plagued traditional eCommerce web Development: usability, fast development.

So, they started to develop their own Magento Extensions. After testing and development in different environments we launch our products.