Mobile First Concept

Design Mobile Apps Based on Business Strategy

WTC is a preferred Android app development company offering scalable, cloud ready and intuitive apps. At WTC, our android app developers are skilled, certified and follow Agile methodologies, implementing Android app development best practices and offering enterprise level development. Our apps are catered to the client needs offering broad range of features to increase revenue through mobile ready business.

  • User Base – Android is ruling the mobile device market with more than 75% of market share.
  • Android for Work – It is enterprise ready.
  • Open Source – Save licensing & app development costs.

Android is one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems with 60-80% user adoption rates across the globe. Android is backed by Google, and is constantly updating & innovating the mobile OS to increase user engagement and smoothen mobile operations. Android also runs across tablets, smart watches, TV, Automobiles & Augmented Reality. Google Play is Android’s App market which generated about six billion U.S. dollars in revenue last year, and is increasing day by day.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our comprehensive mobile app development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


Under this Android app development step, the service provider works towards understanding your requirements. Based on that, they proceed towards forming the goal of the entire app development process. Once you have indicated your objectives and ideas pertaining to the app being developed, your service provider defines the functionalities they will require.

design process


In the next stage, the wire-framing stage, the developers make a blueprint of the structure of your app for your reference. It includes details of the platform, features, feasibility and specifications. This stage makes it easy for you to ensure that the Android application development process is in sync with your requirements.

design process

Final Design

The next steps in android app development comes the submission of your app to the Android market. For the same, your service providers can help you create a developer’s account, giving you full rights including pricing and account information which helps you manage the account. You can then proceed towards uploading your app onto the market, from where users are able to download it.

design process