Magento Development Services

Magento is a highly-acclaimed Open Source Platform which enables the online business owners to have superior control over their ecommerce management systems. Magento has been built using Zend, a highly robust & scalable PHP framework.

Why Web Technology Codes

The development team at WTC have sound understanding of Magento platform and robust hands-on experience, which enables them to provide outstanding Magento development services to businesses worldwide.

WTC capitalizes on many attributes of the Magento platform including but not limited to

  • Administrative system offering supports for better control over user interaction; multi-website and multi-linguistic interfaces
  • Proper on-page checkout
  • Efficient Multi-address shipping functions, product-specific comment, and detailed comparison sections
  • Automatic feeds to RSS; integration with Google analytics, and a host of reporting features helping in better product promotion and a detailed evaluation of the services
  • Set of specific and friendly steps to help the customers in making better decisions when it comes to product purchasing
  • Fully customizable design, free templates and hundreds of updates; in all a complete package to assist you in enhancing your online business

Key Attributes

  • Magento Store Setup
  • Template Integration
  • Integration with ERP
  • Integration with CRM
  • Integration with CMS
  • Integration with Payment Gateways
  • Integration with Shipping Modules
  • Module & Extension Development
design process

WTC Offers

  • Magento Template Design & Integration.
  • Incredible scalability to accommodate future changes
  • Robust and secure administration for efficient management of daily operations
  • In-built SEO optimization and content management system
  • Multi-store trade management facility
  • Better Shipping facilities management to multiple addresses
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
design process

Magento Development Services

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