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With over 200 Magento driven ecommerce suites, WTC is one of the premier Magento solution providers. We deliver a wide range of Magento services with great technical and functional élan.

We at WTC can help you with SEO services which would eventually result in better Search Engine Rankings for your online Magento Store. Your Online Magento Store can be optimized by our professional SEO experts who are familiar with Magento platform, its capabilities, shortcomings and strengths.

Why Web Technology Codes

We do everything possible from adding Canonical URLs, Robot Meta tags, Sitemaps and embedding links to ensure that our Magento SEO services are well defined. A professional SEO Strategy is essential in acquiring high ranking on search engines as well as optimizing conversions and ROI.

  • Continuous improvement in SEO techniques
  • Ensuring that the Magento extensions follow the Magento SEO concept
  • High quality SEO friendly content
  • Efficient Use of Headline tags, meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Provide Healthy Backlinks
  • Updating website content regularly
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Key Benefits

  • Providing access of dynamic pages to spiders by removing session IDs
  • Linking all pages on the site via text or image links which search engine spiders can follow
  • Using specific keyword rich page titles, headers, sub-headers, internal linking, and page copy
  • Building linking campaigns where most links use variations of the primary keyword phrases in the link text
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WTC Offers

  • Gain immediate support from highly experienced Magento developers
  • Hire developers already proficient in Magento and Zend platform
  • Easily scale or reduce your development team
  • Cost effective services in minimal time
  • Project continuation without delays
  • Quality and promptness
  • Expand your technical capabilities through leveraging our services
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Magento SEO Company

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